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Knitting Groups: I've Got Knits

Knitting Groups: I've Got Knits
Calling all knitting groups across the globe, we’re on the lookout for you!

With a love for all things yarny, each week knitters across the globe meet up and bask in their enjoyment of knitting along with friends. From ladies in the rural outskirts of Britain to high flying business men and women in the CBD of Sydney to the youngsters of Malibu beaches, welcome our latest feature to explore the wonderful ways of knitting groups across the world! We’re kicking things off with the knitters of Palmerstown, Dublin, so read on and find out all about the lives and creations of these ladies.

Founded in 2014 Teresa O’Gorman from the suburb of Dublin, Palmerstown set out to bring fellow knitters of the area together to let their creative flares erupt, creating everything from basic knits to masterpieces in each other’s company. Teresa has always aspired to open a wool shop, with knitting being a huge part of her life. When a local community centre opened Teresa saw this as a fantastic opportunity to found I’ve Got Knits and has never looked back since. Advertising in Palmerstown’s shops and community hall the opening evening saw 12 members attend and since 2014 the knitting group has expanded with an average of 20 women getting together every Tuesday to enjoy the craft in each other’s company.

Although I’ve Got Knits is not a knitting class they welcome knitters and crocheters of all abilities, often finding each other teaching new tricks and tips to the team. For the two hours the knitters get together each week they find themselves creating an array of items including blankets for donation to local charities. With no set agenda the members of I’ve Got Knits greet each other every Tuesday with a ball of wool and either knitting needles or crochet hooks, working on whatever they wish with new found friends, chit chat and all important tea and biscuits. Together the group look to do as much good as possible with a knitting needle and crochet hook; contributing to keeping the local community strong.

Teresa herself began knitting at the young age of ten years old, learning from her mother; continuing to knit from her very first project and loving it ever since. “I knit because I love it and I find it just so relaxing. I also love the challenge of knitting up a pattern – taking a ball of wool and creating a garment that someone can then wear." We can all agree it’s a fantastic feeling seeing the progress of a project and Teresa thrives on taking something so simple and turning it into a sensational creation. When it comes to knitting highlights they all differ from person to person; Teresa herself is exceptionally proud creating I’ve Got Knits and seeing it continue to flourish two years later. With visits from the local TD, who is a knitter herself the leading lady complimented the groups work, giving I’ve Got Knits great pride in their work and it’s moments such as this that encourage these ladies to continue knitting together with such joy.

If you could only knit with one wool for the rest of your life what would it be? A gruelling question for every knitter but the amiable Teresa answered with Baby DK wool; because of its softness and the way it knits up. We can definitely relate to that answer and are huge lovers of a Baby DK yarn ourselves too!

It can be daunting picking up needles for the first time, after a long period off the craft or even before a project with immense difficulty, so we asked the ambitious Teresa if she had any words of wisdom for knitters…

"If you don’t knit just start - you won’t have any regrets. It’s relaxing and the reward at the end of it is the product that you have made. It’s a real shame that they don’t teach knitting at school anymore so I have concerns over who will teach knitting skills for future generations. So if you are younger and want to learn just come along to a knitting group, there will always be people there that will be only too delighted to help you."

I’ve Got Knits love to give and help their community, knitting and crocheting for a selection of local establishments and charities. During the last two years together the ladies of I’ve Got Knits have donated over 285 blankets to several nursing homes including Cherry Orchard and Glenaulin, over 250 garments for premature babies to Coombe and Retunda Maternity hospitals, a whopping 1200 hats for the Innocent Drinks campaign and hundreds of hats to the homeless, along with a selection of other selfless knits. The ladies are all about kind hearted deeds and are continuously knitting in aid of others, holding events to raise money for the community centre where their group is held and for Meals on Wheels, together these sales made more than a fantastic €600.

Made up of a bunch of inspiring ladies including one who recently celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary I’ve Got Knits has knitters of all ages in the group, with the older generation being real gems of the ensemble; sharing stories that flow throughout the meetings. Not only is this group about knitting, but enjoying the company and wisdom of friends; it’s a social event this team of knitters look forward to each week.

“Knitting for me is a very therapeutic activity, and it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding pastimes I have taken on since I took early retirement, and I know for a fact that the other ladies in our group feel the same way.” Teresa O’Gorman

We couldn’t agree more with Teresa’s statement and we are sure you do too; the benefits of both knitting and crochet are fantastic, relieving stress, anxiety and other emotions we battle with each day. We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the world of I’ve Got Knits and we look forward to featuring many more knitting and crochet groups from wide and far.

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