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Knitted Wool Football and Rugby Scarves

Knitted Wool Football and Rugby Scarves

Keep Warm on the Terraces Next Winter

Hand knitted scarves make the perfect gift for sports fans, enabling them to show their support for their team while also keeping warm on the terraces.

As summer approaches, so too does the end of the football and rugby seasons. For many sports fans, the off season can be a frustrating time with no games to look forward to and no team to cheer on every weekend. If this applies to you, you might be looking for a new project to throw yourself into for the next few months.

So, in anticipation of next sports season, why not keep yourself occupied by knitting matching team scarves that will keep you and your family warm on the terraces next winter?

When it comes to sports clothing, knitted scarves are a great choice, enabling you to keep warm and cosy during the winter months while also visibly showing your support for your favourite team.

A Rich History

The tradition of wearing woollen scarves in your team’s colours dates all the way back to the early twentieth century. This was before the time of replica jerseys and, during the colder months when black winter coats dominated the terraces, fans needed some way to demonstrate their allegiance and support for their team – enter the humble knitted scarf!

The tradition soon took off and for decades almost every football and rugby fan had a football scarf knitted for them each winter, filling the terraces of sports stadiums with fans in colourful matching knitwear. The fashion arguably reached its peak in the 1970s, becoming inextricably linked to images of football from that era, along with short shorts and curly perms!

From the 1980s onwards, things began to change. As sports clubs began to recognise the marketing potential in selling pieces of clothing to fans and started producing their own official branded scarves, the homemade variety of sports knitwear faded in popularity somewhat.

However, in line with a growing passion for all things retro, knitted scarves have seen something of a resurgence in recent years and once again can be seen waving proudly from the terraces at many a rugby and football match. The trend has even expanded beyond the terraces with the humble sports scarf now being viewed as a fashion item in its own right.

The Stripes Have It

One of the key defining characteristics of the traditional sports scarf is an alternating pattern of stripes in the colours of the chosen sports team. Depending on the team, this can be a simple colour block pattern of two colours, or a more complicated repeating pattern using three or even four colours in some cases.

Sports teams come in all kinds of colours so it’s a great opportunity to experiment with bright, bold shades of wool and colour combinations that you might not usually use, such as claret and blue or black and gold.  

Our Classic Rainbow Colour pack is perfect for this kind of project, containing wool in a number of bright, eye-catching colours, including red and blue – two of the most popular colours for football strips. Our Large Multi Colour Pack is also a good option which, along with two balls of white yarn, also includes popular sports colours such as gold, emerald green and sky blue. This kind of knitting project lends itself to variety, so if neither of these packs contain just the right colour, you’re sure to find something suitable in our extensive all yarn collection.

What’s more, while sport scarves do come in lots of different colours, the majority of football scarf designs use a combination of white and a primary colour – so this kind of project is also a great way of using up any leftover yarn you may have laying around.

Perfect for Beginners

One of the great things about knitted sports scarves is that they make the perfect project for novice knitters. The simple repeating pattern of alternate colours is easy to follow, and when it comes to knitting an item of clothing, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than a scarf. Despite their relative simplicity, sports scarves, with their contrasting colour stripes look really effective, and are sure to impress and delight the lucky recipient. More experienced knitters may want to consider adding their team’s logo, or changing up the colour pattern for added complexity.

Great Gift

Even if you’re not a sports fan yourself, knitted scarves make great gifts for the football or rugby fans in your life. People always appreciate a homemade present, and by making a scarf in the colours of their favourite team you will be providing them with something that is both personalised and meaningful. And there’s no need to stop at football and rugby teams. The scarves can also work well for fans of ice hockey, basketball, American football – the possibilities are endless.

Nothing stirs emotion quite like seeing a sports crowd raise their scarves above their heads, creating a sea of colour as they cheer their team to victory.  So next season, take your place on the terraces with a colourful hand knitted sports scarf of your very own.