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Introducing Deramores Farmyard Favourites

Introducing Deramores Farmyard Favourites

We’re thrilled to welcome our latest soft toy collection The Deramores Farmyard Favourites. Designed by the amazing Amanda Berry these cute characters are the key critters of every British farm. Whether your little one wants to re-enact a scene from the heart of Kent, wilderness of Wales or sloping hills of Somerset the Deramores Farmyard Favourites collection is the ideal soft toy set to let them run wild. With Easter creeping that little bit closer, why not treat your little one to these farmyard favourites and encourage them to release their inner countryside spirit.

From Chloe the Cow to Dorris the Duck to Frank the Farmer collect all nine characters, plus barn, tractor and field over a series of six weeks. Launching in the Forum these friendly farmyard figures will be available for FREE from Monday 6th March, giving you enough time to get your colour pack and needles at the ready to knit these classic country characters. We’ll be kicking things of with barn, see the full schedule here:

Week 1: Barn

Week 2: Farmer/Tractor

Week 3: Pig/Field

Week 4: Dog/Sheep

Week 5: Donkey/Cow

Week 6: Chicken/Duck

Made using our award winning anti-pilling yarn Studio DK, this playset is excellent for the daily play of your little ones and is even machine washable too, so if their adventure goes that extra mile, not to worry just pop the farmyard friends in the wash and they’ll come out looking as new as the day you made them.

Colour packs are available to purchase here now, but whilst you wait for the release of these charming characters let us tell you a little bit more about them and their adventurous lives.

Frank the Farmer

The main man of the country collection is Frank the Farmer; a cheery and courageous character he’s up at the crack of dawn and ploughing through the fields until the sun sets at dusk. Pulling on his wellie boots and staying warm in this woolly hat Frank lives for fertilising his farm and feeding his animals. Even on the most brisk and icy cool days you’ll find Frank frolicking with his favourite farmyard friends, whether he’s dancing with Doris and the gang or sheering Shelly and the flock, he always has a smile on his face and is ready for a day of farmyard fun. 

Dougie the Dog

Best friend and loyal companion to Frank, Dougie the Dog is an energetic and eager sole. Always keen to get out of the house and into the great outdoors Dougie will howl for his best bud Frank. Once together the two will tackle the daily work of the farm. Always by Frank’s side he’ll run along with the tractor, herd the sheep and chase any cheeky animals back to their beloved homes. An old English Sheep Dog, Dougie is exceptionally fluffy and although this pooch poodles alongside Frank, sometimes he’ll release his fun-loving character and inner sheep, and you’ll find him standing inline ready to be sheered!

Tommy the Tractor

With nine fields to fend, Frank has a big job on his hands, but with his trusty travel companion Tommy the Tractor, he’s never left to wonder the land alone. A laidback lad, Tommy can take a little while to get started and needs the encouragement of Dougie’s howls and Frank’s magic hands to get his ageing engine raring and ready to go. The loud chug and smoky cloud hovering over Tommy is key for attracting the attention of the animals and as soon as they hear the mean machine and happy howl of Dougie coming they’re up and ready to see front man Frank.

Chloe the Cow

Chloe is the mother of the farmyard and is always looking out for her fellow friends. A lady of leisure and chocolate coloured cow she loves to lay in the fresh green grass, watching the world go by. When the boys are causing trouble and girls are showing off Chloe is there with a close eye ensuring each and every one of them stays in line and keeps the farm in track for farmer Frank. Chloe loves to feed and when she’s not busy watching over her friends or lounging in the sun, she’ll be munching away at the luscious green grass and deliciously fresh hay. A born leader it doesn’t take a lot for Chloe to get all the farmyard animals in line, but her laid back character and friendly persona ensures she’s loved by all.

Chelsea the Chicken

A simple character you’ll find Chelsea the Chicken is very content in her warm and cosy home. Feeding on seed, nesting in hay and laying an egg a day is the quiet life Chelsea leads. The other animals are always encouraging her to come play, but Chelsea enjoys to sit, watch and dream her day away. When Frank stops by with a handful of feed, Chelsea begins to chirp and flap her wings in a loving way. A very caring character, you’ll find Chelsea will keep watch on her fellow friends and call for Chloe the Cow if she ever sees mischief in anyone’s eye. A chicken all the animals love, Chelsea is a friend for life.

Doris the Duck

Doris is a little diva at heart and loves to be centre stage. Waddling across the grounds and splashing through puddles Doris adores to dance. If there’s ever a quiet day, you can rely on Doris to bring excitement to the farm. Flying from field to field she’ll catch the attention of all the gang and gather them together for her latest performance. Not only is this little lady a diva, but she loves to gossip too. With her ability to fly it’s easy for this one to spy and even the smallest of drama Doris is on it and ready to share. A known tease, you’ll often find Doris catching Dougie’s eye, ready for a chase, which she ends by flying away.

Henry the Horse

Henry is the shy and timid one of the group. He enjoys keeping himself to himself and basking in the beautiful British sun. Elegant in appearance and electric in a race, this horse is a speed machine at times, but day to day to he likes to keep his speed at bay and lay low within the farm. Henry can seem a little lonely amongst all the farmyard friends and it’s easy for his quiet character to get lost, but this horse is a generous gentleman and not one to forget about, so you can knit him up in confidence and be sure you’ll give your little one a trusty friend forever.

Shelly the Sheep

A lady of pure sass and sophistication, Shelly is highly intelligent and plays her character very well. Keeping cosy in her woolly white coat, she dazzles the farm with her gorgeous looks and sharp style. Never on time Dougie will have to chase this lady several times to get her to the barn ready to be sheered. Together her and Doris can create havoc across the farm and love to be in the limelight. When she’s not with best friend Doris, you’ll find her leisurely laying in the field, catching the rays and planning her next mischievous adventure. When it comes to problem solving Shelly is your lady and is always ready to lend a helping hand to all of her farmyard friends.

Pat the Pig

Pat the Pig is the one to watch! A cheeky character, you’ll always find him getting into trouble and looking for his latest adventure. Rolling around in mud to take away his piercing pink appearance, Pat enjoys to sneak around the farm in what he thinks is his camouflage clothing. From the thick woodland area to the corn filled fields to the grassy green meadows Pat likes to explore Frank’s farmyard and see what tasty treats he can find. Slow off his feet, Pat isn’t as sneaky as he thinks and one of his fellow farmyard friends always sees him begin his latest adventure, but his comical character keeps them all amused. 

So, what are you waiting for buy your colour pack today here and prepare for this farmyard of fun!