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Meet Margaret, The Norfolk Knitting Queen

Meet Margaret, The Norfolk Knitting Queen

91 year old Margaret Seaman is undoubtedly Norfolk's Queen of Knitting!

Margaret often knits to raise money for charity and you may recognise her from her appearance on ITV's Good Morning Britain, after she raised thousands of pounds by knitting Sandringham House, complete with a miniature Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip!

During lock-down she has undertaken a new fundraising challenge with her latest knitted masterpiece -  Knittingale Hospital. The funds raised will be divided between three local Norfolk hospitals.


We had the honour of interviewing Margaret and was able to ask her a few questions:

Q. What inspired you to knit the Knittingale hospital?

A. I wanted to help the NHS and due to my age I am unable to go out to work, but I thought I could raise money for chosen NHS hospitals by actually knitting one!

I have chosen to donate the money raised to these following Hospitals:

  • Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (Norwich)
  • Queen Elizabeth (King’s Lynne)
  • James Paget University Hospitals (Great Yarmouth) 


Q. What features will the finished Knittingale Hospital have?

A. The hospital will have three wards, one for men's, one for women's and one for children. Each ward will have six beds in them. There will be a reception, an outpatients area and an A&E department with a separate entrance. There will also be a café, with cakes! 

 The whole hospital will be the size of a king size bed!


Q. How do you decide which buildings to knit?

A. After I knitted the Great Yarmouth seafront which was so popular, I was told I'd never be able to better that. So I thought for days and thought about buildings that everyone would recognise as they would have have seen it in picture. That’s how I decided upon Sandringham House and its grounds – great for Norfolk and recognisable to holiday makers. It will be displayed in Sandringham House itself next year (not this year sadly due to Corona). All of my large projects I knit to raise money for charity.


Q. What is your favourite project you have knitted?

A. I haven't got a favourite as they’re all so different! However, Knittingale Hospital is the hardest project to-date as there is so much detail and everything is very small, but it will be the most rewarding with the money raised.


Q. What is your favourite yarn (weight, fibre, brand) to knit with?

A. I like double knit, aran or chunky – they are great for creating buildings! I do find I choose yarn based on colours and use a lot of Stylecraft and Cygnet yarn. I find the texture of yarn is more important when knitting garments.


Q. What is your favourite stitch and why?

A. Moss stitch. It may be one of the hardest stitches but it knits up nice and firm – perfect for buildings! 

 For how to knit a moss stitch, click HERE.

Q. What would you say to those wishing to begin knitting? Any tips or words of advice?

A. Anyone can do it! Once you’ve got your tension right and how you want to hold the yarn off you go! Start with something simple such as a square or diamonds and then sew them together to make a cot or a children’s blanket. Whatever you do, don’t start with something difficult as it’ll put you right off!

 In time, the hospital will go on display for people to view. 

Deramores has donated £200's worth of yarn of her choice to help Margaret with her fundraising projects.

If you want to help Margaret to raise money, you can donate at