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How you can help Wood Green through knitting and crochet

How you can help Wood Green through knitting and crochet
We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with
Wood Green, The Animals Charity to bring crafting communities together to support animals in need.


Wood Green is a pet charity that makes a difference to the lives of pets and people across the UK. Their mission is to take in unwanted and lost animals, provide shelter and care, find secure and loving homes, provide advice, support and guidance for pet owners and increase the public's awareness of its responsibility towards animals in society.


As part of our partnership, we will be creating knit and crochet kits for pets, available to purchase from our website. We will be donating 50% of the RRP of digital patterns and 10% of the RRP of kits to Wood Green, The Animals Charity. Browse our range of knitting patterns and crochet patterns, and help raise funds for this heart-warming charity today. You can also opt to make a donation at the check out stage.

You may wonder how these donations will help Wood Green.

A success story through COVID-19

Wood Green’s dedication to continue to help pets throughout the pandemic goes beyond re-homing them. It’s also meant a continuation of all the love and care they need at their center too. That includes finding lonely pets a new friend with their mixing service, this is where pets are paired up to see if they strike a bond and then hopefully join a loving new home together – like Nala and Silver.

Nala had been through a rough time before meeting Silver, he came into Wood Greens care last July when his owner could sadly no longer keep him. A full health check then raised alarm bells for their veterinary team, who had serious concerns about his teeth. He was booked in for an operation as well as being vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. After the operation, Nala needed to be syringe fed for four days as he wasn’t eating enough. Just when things were looking up for him, poor Nala was found to have an abscess near his castration scar - but thankfully this was able to be quickly treated.

With his health issues seemingly behind him, Nala was introduced to another rabbit at Wood Green's centre, but they didn’t bond – and he then suffered yet another setback. Nala began to lose weight, with no clear cause. Despite having a series of tests, there was no indication to why this was happening. Nala was split mixed with another rabbit, Silver, a three-year-old silver cross breed at Wood Green. A split mix means having a mesh divider in the accommodation with each rabbit living on either side. Once they appear nice and relaxed with each other, the next step is to place them together – a neutral mix.

They suspected that Nala might be lonely, which can lead to depression in rabbits and a lack of appetite. Fortunately, having Silver close by made a huge difference. A combination of this and adjustments to Nala’s diet led to him gaining weight. Then once Nala was healthy enough, he was neutrally mixed with Silver and their friendship went from strength to strength. Nala and Silver have since been re homed together.

Onsite care story:


The young dachshund was extremely underweight when found by the property’s owner. He also had a deformed leg, bald patches on his coat and bad skin. Thankfully he was brought into Wood Green on the same day, where their team sprang into action to help this very poorly boy.

After arriving, Mickey was settled into the safe and comfy surroundings of their Puppy Block and then given an x-ray by the veterinary team. The x-ray showed that Mickey was born with a deformity, rather than it being the result of an injury. Despite Mickey’s condition, he was such an outgoing, happy little dog!  Sadly, an amputation was the only option. He was not able to use the deformed leg and the pressure being put on it was causing skin calluses, this is where the skin in the affected area gets thicker.

Over time, calluses are often painful and can become cracked and infected.  An assessment was then carried out to ensure he would be able to have a good quality of life on three legs and a decision was made to go ahead. As plans for his operation were being arranged, he was placed in the care of a dedicated Wood Green fosterer. While in his fosterer’s home, Mickey had the chance to catch up with some puppy training that he'd missed out on. This included training to help him get used to other dogs. It did him the world of good to experience life as a typical dog in a loving home  with a routine and all the attention he deserves.

He formed a lovely bond with his fosterer’s two children. Mickey’s operation went smoothly, and he quickly adapted to having three legs. Less than two weeks later, we found Mickey a loving home. Ellie, an animal rehomer who played a big part in his care, described how she felt about the fantastic news:  “ It’s an overwhelming feeling. He had such a traumatic start, and now he’s in a really good home.” Mickey bounced back is now getting the second chance at happiness he deserves. 

As part of our partnership, we will be creating knit and crochet kits to make accessories and toys to be enjoyed by pets and people, available to purchase from our website. 50% of the RRP excluding VAT from the sale of each crafting pattern and 10% of the RRP excluding VAT from the sale of each Crafting Kit will be paid to Wood Green Enterprises Limited, who covenants all its taxable profits to Wood Green, The Animals Charity - registered charity number 298348.

Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to be one of the first to know about our next launch of adorable pet accessories and home furnishings. You can also join our Deramores X Wood Green Facebook group and share your pet makes with fellow crafters. There may be a competition or two coming soon in the group so make sure you join in time. It’s not one to be missed!

We’ve also added a donate feature to our checkout section to give customers the chance to donate to this worthwhile cause.

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