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Crafting With Crochet and Knitted Poppies

Crafting With Crochet and Knitted Poppies

Remembrance Day honours those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life. We unite across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth. - The Royal British Legion

During November and the lead up to Remembrance Day, you may choose to wear or create a poppy to honor and remember the service and the sacrifice those within the Armed Forces have given. It's a personal choice whether you choose to wear or style a poppy but we are here with some guidance on how to craft and wear/place your crochet and knitted poppies.

For those poppies that also have been designed with a leaf, it is respectful for the leaf to be positioned at 11 o'clock, this represents the time when World War One officially ended.

You may be wondering how or where you can display your handmade poppies... Check out our guide below for some ideas and inspiration!

1. Place the poppy onto a brooch

Placing a brooch at the back of your poppy allows you to incorporate it onto any garment without effecting the fabric. Our poppy brooches will look right at home on a jacket or coat lapel, or a cardigan and jumper. 

2. Create a poppy wreath

You could make a large amount of poppies and pin or hot glue gun them around a wreath - a lovely thoughtful door or wall hanging!

3. Headbands

For the younger ones within the family, you could hot glue gun or applique the poppies onto a headband. A adorable but respectful way to remember those on Remembrance Day.

4. Hair clips/bobbles

Applique or hot glue gun one singular poppy onto a hair bobble or hair clip for a cute young accessory. A safer option for the youngsters in the family instead of brooches but enough to wear their poppies with great pride.

5. Create a blanket or a cushion inspired by the weeping window sculptures

Many of us within the UK know of the beautiful, extravagant and detailed poppy weeping windows. Using a crochet or knitted base, applique on your crochet and knitted poppies heavy and narrow in one corner and slowly drape and even them out more as you reach the opposite corner. A stunning feature for your interior.

6. Cushion inspired from poppies growing in the fields

No matter our age, we all adore beautiful poppy fields. Those beautiful fields that remind us that out of all the devastation of the war, the delicate but resilient bright red Flanders poppies grew and flourished in their thousands. Simply applique a few of your poppies onto a cushion and create some stems to create a simplistic but eye-catching piece of home décor.

It has been heartwarming to see all the beautiful poppies you have made for our partnership with The Royal British Legion for the 2020 Poppy Appeal, using the #DeramoresPoppy. Take a look at the creations on our poppy gallery.

Browse our full range of poppy products including blankets and cushions.

Please use a hot glue gun with care. Adults are responsible for overseeing the use of a hot glue gun when crafting with children.