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How to crochet a scrunchie

How to crochet a scrunchie

Have you ever wondered how to crochet your very own fashionable scrunchie? In this article, you will learn how to master the technique and craft scrunchies for you and your family/friends.

What is a scrunchie?

A scrunchie, also known as scrunchy, is used to tie your hair up with and is typically made from fabric.

Why use a scrunchie?

- They are known to reduce hair damage by providing an extra layer between your hair and the elastic. It is therefore easier to glide off your hair when you take your hair out of the hair tie, resulting in less tangling.

- We all have a bad habit of putting a hair tie around our wrist! Scrunchies provide more comfort when wearing them as an accessory due to their looser fit.

- Available to craft up in any shade you like, a scrunchie is a perfect accessory to coordinate with your outfit and wear your favourite shades.

What you need

- 2.5mm crochet hook 

- 3mm crochet hook

- Scissors

- Darning needle

- Hair elastic

How to hook up the scrunchie

Begin by taking out your 2.5mm hook, your yarn and your hair elastic. Then, attach your yarn around the hair elastic, skip to 00.57.00 of the video for help with this.

After attaching your yarn, simply do a chain 1, and you will need to do 70 double crochet all around your hair elastic. (UK terms double crochet, US terms single crochet).

You can then just see your first double crochet, you need to slip stitch into the double crochet to join the round. Then simply try and even out all your stitches.

Change to your 3mm hook and start with a chain 4,1,2,3,4. This counts as a treble and a chain 1. In the front loop only, you want to do one treble, in the same stitch as the chain 4, and then chain 1. In the next stitch, in the front loop only, 1 treble, chain 1, 1 treble, chain 1, in the same stitch (this can be a little fiddly!)

Now you need to repeat this all the way around so you are putting 2 trebles and 2 chains into one stitch. You will need to repeat this for your last stitch as well, and if you slip stitch into the top of your chain 4 at the beginning to then tie that off.

You can then start round 3, but be sure to join the yarn into any of the back loops that haven't been worked. Then it is a case of repeating round 2 so chain 4,1,2,3,4 and then in the front loop only 1 treble, 1 chain, 1, that's your first one. Then continue your round like that again, 1 treble, chain 1, treble, chain 1.

In the last stitch, 1 treble, chain 1, 1 treble, chain 1, and if you just slip stitch into the top of your chain 4 and then tie off.

Now all you need to do is sew your ends in, so with your darning needle, go down the chain stitch a little bit and come out, and back up the next stitch.

And just like that! You have a finished scrunchie. For a video tutorial on this, simply scroll down and watch our how to video. 

Download the pattern and purchase your yarn pack today to craft up your very own crochet scrunchie. You can also find out knitted scrunchie pattern and yarn pack here.