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How to cast on

How to cast on

Most knitting projects start with casting on a number of stitches. I like to use the thumb method as I think it gives the neatest edge.

The thumb method uses two lengths of yarn to create stitches, so start by making a slip knot in the middle of the yarn. Put the slip knot on the knitting needle and hold the needle in your right hand.

Hold the working yarn (this is the end attached to the ball of yarn) to your right and the tail end in your left hand. 

Wrap the tail end of the yarn around your left thumb to create a loop.

Insert your knitting needle into this loop

Knit this stitch and slip the loop from your thumb over the needle.

Pull the tail end of the yarn to tighten the stitch.  You have cast on a stitch.

Repeat this for the number of stitches that you need.

That’s how to cast on!