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Deramores Interview Designer Zoë Potrac

Deramores Interview Designer Zoë Potrac
Pineapple Shopping Bag by Zoë Potrac in Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK Fruit Place Settings by Zoë Potrac in Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK Portree Cushion by Zoë Potrac in Cygnet DK
FREE Pineapple Shopping Bag by Zoë Potrac in Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK Pattern FREE Fruit Place Settings by Zoë Potrac in Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK Pattern FREE Portree Cushion by Zoë Potrac in Cygnet DK Pattern


We caught up with featured designer, Zoë Potrac recently as she is going to be featured on our next show on Create and Craft TV commencing the 8th of September! 

Zoë is an incredibly active crochet designer and is known most recently for helping to design the beautiful 4 Seasons Crochet Along. Her innovative designs and creative thinking have no doubt enabled Zoë to become the popular designer she is today.


We wanted to introduce you all to Zoë before our next show on Create and Craft so check out our interview with her below.

The Interview

Q. What would you say is your favourite yarn? 

A. This one's hard and I think it depends what I'm using it for.  A great all-rounder for blankets and cushions is Deramores Studio DK; it's soft and anti-pilling and washes well, as well as being smooth and easy to crochet with.


Q. What do you like most about working with Deramores?

A. I love the creative freedom I have working with Deramores.  I can really let my imagination go and have fun with what I do.


Q.  What’s on your hook at the moment?

A. All sorts of top-secret projects!  I've got a few Christmassy makes coming up that I hope everyone will enjoy, though I still haven't got used to working on Christmas in the summer!

Pictured above, Deramores 4 Seasons Official 2019 CAL in Collaboration with Zoe Patrac, Veronika Cromwell, Emma Leith, Leonie Morgan& Hannah Cross.


Q. What is your favourite design with Deramores?

A. So many to choose from! I really enjoyed working on the 4 Seasons CAL; it's the first time I've had chance to work on a collaboration with other designers and the experience was fab. I can't wait to do it again soon! Probably my favourite solo project has been the Starfish in the Waves blanket and cushion set which just feels like wrapping myself up in the seaside.


Q. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A. All over the place! I love to work with bright colours, so sometimes I'll start with a colour palette. Other times it will be something from nature, a bird or a plant.  I enjoy working with different textures and will try to use a new stitch I've found or a yarn with an interesting texture.


Q. What do you hope to design in the future, or where do you want to go with your designs?

A. There's always something new to learn in crochet, so I hope to be able to keep experimenting with new stitches, creating designs that are interesting and fun to do without getting overcomplicated.  If I can include a bit of hot pink, so much the better!


You can read more about Zoe on her website at or find Zoe on Instagram @zoepotrac.

Zoe's latest designs are available within her designer shop or featured in Crochet Now.