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Dera Toys Make The Perfect Christmas Presents

Dera Toys Make The Perfect Christmas Presents

Why Hand Knitting Your Gifts is Better

When it comes to giving the perfect children’s gift, few things beat a toy that’s been lovingly hand-crafted.

It may seem like Christmas is a long way away but we said that about summer – and look how quickly that has come around! Christmas means one thing – choosing the right presents for your loved ones. For the little people in your life though, why not skip the shopping and knit them a beautiful toy? With so many Dera-Toys kits and patterns available at Deramores, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So if you’re a keen knitter, it’s worth making some plans for the festive season now so you can finish your projects in time.


Children’s toys are becoming more and more expensive. This can put a big strain on your finances if you’re going to be buying gifts for a few little ones this Christmas. Making your own toys is much cheaper, as you’ll be able to use the same pattern over and over again. Depending on how much wool you have, you could make multiple toys from one shopping trip’s worth of knitting supplies.

A unique gift

Knitting a beautiful toy means that you’ll be able to give a gift that’s totally unique. The beauty of using a kit or pattern is that you can play around with the final finish and colour scheme of a toy. So there will be no chance of duplicates come Christmas morning. Each child can have a toy in the colours that they love – and you won’t have accidental bought the same gift as someone else.

Something they’ll treasure

A hand-knitted toy is a really thoughtful gift, and it will something that a child can treasure as they grow up. A knitted toy can be customised however you like, so you can give a toy that’s got a real personal meaning. Knowing that you have spent so much time an effort on it will make your gift one that will be loved and cherished much more than others.

Finish ahead of time

If you start to knit your Christmas gifts now, you’ll be able to finish well ahead of time. You’ll be able to work on your handmade toys for an hour or so at a time rather than trying to cram it all in during the weeks leading up to Christmas. So take advantage of those quiet moments in front of the TV and imagine how stress-free you’ll be in December!

Boosting your own skills

Knitting toys for Christmas will allow you to further your own skills, which you certainly can’t do while you shop! You’ll grow in confidence as you progress through the projects, and seeing the look on a child’s face when you give them their gift will spur you on to make many more toys. You just don’t get that emotional connection from buying something off of the night street.

It’s time to get knitting!

As you can see, Dera Toys really do make the perfect Christmas gifts. You’ll have lots of fun making them, and both the child and their parents will appreciate all the effort that you went to. So why not start now and tick a few names off of that gift-buying list? You’ll thank yourself come December!