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Crochet Groups: The Crochet Club Sydney

Crochet Groups: The Crochet Club Sydney

Half way around the world in the iconic city of Sydney you’ll find The Crochet Club and this month we’ll be virtually visiting them to hear all about their craft club! Read on to find out all this crochet society down under…

It was founder of the the Crochet Club Emma Wilkinson who got in touch to tell us all about this creative group. Meeting in Arthur Street Café the group is sometimes referred to as the Arthur st Crochet Club, but usually just goes by the Crochet Club for the pretty snappy sounding name. As a crochet designer Emma often gets asked to teach, and thought that meeting in a specific location, with a set time would make it easier. Emma got in touch with her local café and they were more than happy for the group to meet there and then there was no going back and this thriving crochet club was created. With 12 regular members in the group they meet each Tuesday and enjoy the coffee and cake on constant supply from the Arthur St café.

I thought it was time to get proactive for all the people who wanted to ‘learn one day’, and set aside a time and place where it could happen. It was a little slow to start, as I crocheted on my own for a few weeks, but the café put out word on social media- and via a blackboard, and I put out the message on various Facebook groups too. We soon got a dedicated group. The club is now social, we meet and all do our own projects.”

With the help of the café and Emma’s determination they now have a very successful craft group in full swing. As group they all have different intention when it comes to crafting, but the ladies enjoy getting together and showing off their current WIPs, purchases and any inspiration they’ve found online or in magazines. We asked Emma what she believed the group’s biggest achievement was and she answered with their longevity. They’ve been meeting regularly now for two years, with a strong core group. Around half the group came to learn crochet, so sharing the craft is an additional brilliant achievement too. Now the group more or less runs itself; as they meet in the café they’re never short of tasty treats or even full cooked breakfast, which are both top quality and simply delicious. Meeting in the morning the groups favourite foods are the scones, plus the Canadian French Toast and because the food and company is just so good they’ve even been known to stay for lunch too.

When it comes to the crafters of the group they are mostly all mums; some with new-borns and some who are retired with grown up children. Alison is one of the longest standing members of group, coming since almost the beginning. Retiring three weeks before joining the group and already keen to learn crochet it was perfect timing for Alison and Emma to join forces. Within five weeks of joining the group and picking up a hook she had made a huge granny square throw that fit over her three seater sofa… a brilliant achievement for any crocheter, let alone a newbie! But it’s not only craft Alison loves, she often takes part in triathalons – something that many of us could only ever dream of doing! Kym is the dedicated member of the group never missing a week since she began! Kym is also the fashionista of the Crochet Club; loving to keep up to date with all the latest trends, she loves to be on social media and is always finding the hottest new trends. One of the newest members is Muriel and you’ll often find her starting a new shawl, because she finished (and started one) the day before! Sounds likes she’s the speedy one of the group to us… our WIPs dream we’d get them finished soon, but there’s just not enough hours in the day!

Now it’s time to get to know the group founder, Emma. Like many of us crafters the technique has been passed down through generations and it was Emma’s Grandma who taught her to crochet. Making a granny square when she was around 10, it wasn’t until Emma had children that her creative flare for crochet really kicked off. Emma loves to keep herself busy, struggling to keep her hands still when he first fell pregnant Sudoku was her go to. Emma soon found crochet was the most productive way of keeping busy though. Emma finds crochet is very calming and if she’s feeling stressed or worried, she simply picks up her hook and lets any worries drift away. Emma herself loves crocheting with sock yarn, one of her favourite brands being Hedgehog Fibre because of their gorgeous colours and we could not agree more! If you have tried Hedgehog Fibres yet, what are you waiting for, take a look at their yarns here.

As we earlier mentioned Emma is a crochet designer and has an array of self-published patterns, which is definitely a crochet highlight for Emma, along with being listed on the ‘hot right now’ list on Ravelry! We think they’re two pretty worthy achievements to boast about too! You can see Emma’s fabulous creations for yourself on her Facebook page here. Emma also loves to see students of hers go on to create beautiful items.

To bring this feature to an end we’ll leave you with Emma’s words of wisdom…

“It really doesn’t take long to learn the basics, and then there is a world of possibilities! There is so much fun and community out there if you need it, you just need to look! And always take a photo of your WIP with the hook you are using!”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning all about this creative crochet club and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading the feature too. If you’d like the chance to win £100 worth of yarn and get your knitting or crochet group featured, then simply drop us an email at, telling us all about your crafty circle, for more information click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!