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Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton: Life in the Knit Lane

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton: Life in the Knit Lane

Please, welcome guest blogger and knitwear designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, who has a special little treat for you this festive season. 

Hello fellow knitters, Cornelia here. Welcome to my blog post, Life in the Knit Lane!

As many of you know I have been designing knits for quite some time. What you might not know is what keeps me designing... what motivates me. It is actually not the knitting itself but what I can create with it! The fascination of a new way of combining knit and purl stitches that will be interesting and attractive has not left me since my start 35 years ago. 

Perhaps the thing I am most proud of developing is my DropStitch Openwork™ technique which allows you to make virtually any sized geometric opening in your knitting without breaking the yarn. For years I had been working in self-striping yarns, I have authored 7 books with them. I was one of the first designers that pioneered cross-directional knitting and garments featuring big holes, already back in 2003. I felt that I had explored the possibilities fairly fully and was trying to think of a new application. I wanted to be able to make columns in my knitting between openings without breaking the yarn. I pondered the idea grumpily for about two years and one morning I sat down with my coffee and needles and I just started knitting and there it was!

I have included two designs in my Toscana Aran collection for Deramores that feature the technique. My decorative Volterra cowl using two colours:


And Murlo, a striking checkerboard shawl with a reversible stitch pattern that has a different look on both sides.

My DropStich Openwork™ technique is the subject of my Craftsy video Innovative Openwork Scarves that explains it in detail.

It gives me great pleasure to offer my Craftsy class at a 50% discount to you this holiday season! Just follow the link here, place your order and the discount will be applied at checkout. (Note: it will not show up before checkout.)

I hope you feel inspired to learn my DropStitch Openwork™ technique and add it to your knitting toolbox! 

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday!

Happy knitting,