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Chunky Knitted Cushion FREE Pattern

Chunky Knitted Cushion FREE Pattern


Who doesn't love a chunky knit? It is everywhere you go at the moment whether that's in clothing stores, country home magazines or even the current fad which is 'arm knitting' - everyone loves a chunky knit!

To kick start Chunky Week, we are sharing with you one of our favourite chunky cushion patterns! Not only will they keep you up with the current lifestyle trends, they will be perfect for making your sofa super comfy when you're eating chocolate and watching your favourite Christmas films... (yes, we know what you do at Christmas time but we won't tell anyone!)

Simple yet effective, this pattern will have you churning cushions out for your daughter, your best friend, your neighbour and you'll probably end up gifting one to the family dog (seriously, they're comfy)!

So, the first step - get your yarn! We want you to get as creative as you can with this pattern and using different yarn fibres, weights and colours mean that you can tailor your cushions to the individual. 

Pick up your Sirdar chunky yarns and then we'll transport you to your pattern.

Once you've purchased the yarn that takes your fancy, it's time to begin creating your chunky cushion or, as we like to call it, the fun part!

Get your free chunky knitted cushion pattern, add it to your cart and you'll be able to download it free of charge. 

We would absolutely love to see your finished chunky knit cushions so make sure to either leave a review with your photo attached, post it on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for your next free chunky pattern (between you and me, it's a good'un)!