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Announcing the Aztec Tile Blanket Knit-Along by Lynne Rowe

Announcing the Aztec Tile Blanket Knit-Along by Lynne Rowe


Designed by the talented Lynne Rowe,  the Aztec Tile Blanket Knit-Along (KAL) is inspired by Art Deco style and Lynne's love of strong colours and geometric shapes. 

This Knit-Along (KAL) comes in two different colourways, choose between a Pastel Colourway in Rowan Summerlite DK or a Rainbow Colourway in Deramores Studio DK and knit-along in four parts to create your very own Aztec Tile Blanket.

Discover more from Lynne's colourful world of Knitting on her designer shop. The KAL will be FREE to download from 22nd of November with the colour pack available from 8th of November.

Questions, Hints & Tips

Don't forget to join in the conversation on our Facebook group and make sure you share your progress. Lynne Rowe is also part of the group and will help to answer as many questions as she can! We'll feature as many of these as possible and also aim to answer all your Questions:

Deramores; The Projects Dedicated Facebook Group


Aztec Tile Blanket by Lynne Rowe


Aztec Tile Blanket Knit-Along by Lynne Rowe in Deramores Studio DK

Aztec Tile Blanket Knit-Along by Lynne Rowe in Rowan Summerlite DK



Skill Level



Lynne Rowe


UK terminology 

Number of Variants

Rainbow Colourway - Deramores Studio DK yarn pack - can be found HERE

Pastel Colourway -  Rowan Summerlite DK yarn pack - can be found HERE

Start Date

22nd of November 2019

*Please note that the Yarn Pack can be purchased from the 8th of November


4 Weeks with a new section of the pattern, added every week.

Pattern Release Times

The Deramores team will aim to release a new section every Friday at 10:00 am GMT on our Website, dedicated Facebook group - Deramores: The Projects, Social Media and on our Newsletter.

Lynne's Inspiration

''I live close to Stoke-on-Trent, which is also called ‘The Potteries’ due to its ceramic heritage. One of the most famous and influential local ceramic artists is Clarice Cliff (1899-1972), who started to create her own designs in bright colours and Art Deco style. Her designs are still as popular and collectible as ever, and her distinctive patterns are instantly recognisable.

I have taken my inspiration from her use of strong colours and geometric shapes and combined these with carefully chosen stitch patterns to create a blanket that has the feel of a large Art Deco tile. First, I designed a central diamond then worked around it in a ‘log cabin’ style by adding one edge strip at a time, so that it’s easy to make but is visually striking as well as vibrant and unusual. To complete the blanket, I have added a row of tassels along each edge in matching yarns.

I’ve included simple stitch patterns, starting with garter stitch and basketweave stitch, then moving on to slipped stitches that create a mosaic effect, including an Aztec-style mosaic border.  I hope it shows that by using simple techniques, you can still create something that is visually beautiful." - Lynne Rowe.