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5 Of Our Favourites: DIY Christmas Hanging Decorations

5 Of Our Favourites: DIY Christmas Hanging Decorations
We don't know about you, but, for us, November means Christmas preparation! We like to get well ahead with our Christmas projects so when the time does come around, we can take it down a notch and spend time with family and friends.
So, we have devised a list of our favourite DIY Christmas Hanging Decorations for you to try! Remember, get creative and really make them your own!

1. Crochet Gingerbread Man

We absolutely love this crochet hanging decoration by Repeat Crafter Me! The gingerbread man design looks so good we could eat it (please don't, though, we doubt it will taste as good as it looks)!
Like she says, you could use it as an ornament, hanging decoration around your house or a hanging dec for the tree!
We have a huge range of brown yarn if you wanted to give this little fella' a go. We especially love that you can embellish it as you wish, so get creative (and remember to send us your pics if you do)!
Crochet Gingerbread Man Hanging Decoration

2. Crochet Christmas Trees

Follow Anabelia's step by step guide for these adorable Crochet Christmas Trees and you, too, can produce these simple but effective hanging decorations!
We envision them hanging along the fireplace... that would look great, right?
Anabelia also includes illustrations which really makes them easy to follow (thanks, Anabelia)! We love these designs in the classic green... again, we have a huge range of green yarn for you to choose from!
Christmas Tree Hanging Decoration DIY

3. Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath

We loved Cassie from Little Red Window's Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath idea because we thought it would be perfect for any leftover yarn!
She uses a simple wrapping technique so no knitting or crocheting involved, so we don't see why you can't make a multi-coloured one with any leftover yarn you have. The perfect way to use it up and make something pretty!
If you want to stick to the simple white, you can shop our white yarn and create a wreath just like Cassie's!

4. Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

These miniature stockings are so cute and we think they would look great on this year's Christmas tree!
Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits has provided you with the patterns for various Fairisle, zig zag and Christmas tree patterned stockings and we love them! It's hard to pick a favourite but, if we had to, we think we'd pick the Fairisle print!
Also, we have lots of red yarn that for you to create these dainty stockings with.
Red Stocking Hanging Decorations

5. Crochet Stars

These stars follow a rustic cottage (maybe even Scandinavian) style and we love them! We are pretty obsessed with this type of interior and if anyone is trying to re-create it this Christmas, these are a must!

Persia Lou gives you a step by step tutorial and describes them as 'quick' and 'incredibly simple'. If you're looking to produce something really effective but quick to make this Christmas - you need to try these.
We think a few of them scattered on a Christmas tree would look great... and, of course, we have our white yarn for you to use. Or maybe you could go for yellow if you want to achieve a traditional star?
If you do head over to any of these wonderful blogger's pages and try their tutorials - we'd love to see them so send your photos in to us by tagging us on Instagram or sending them to our Facebook or Twitter pages!