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Yak Wool

Yes, you read that correctly – Deramores stocks a fantastic range of wools that have been sourced from yaks!

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Wild yaks roam the mountains of Central Asia. Little do these majestic animals know that, with their long, shaggy hair and thick undercoat, they provide us with one of the most sought-after wool fibres in the entire world!

Yak wool has a similar fineness to cashmere – so you can expect soft, touchable knits whenever you choose it in favour of other materials. It’s naturally brown in colour, but of course can be pre-dyed to any shade imaginable. And, because it’s naturally used to keep its owners fully insulated in harsh weather conditions, yak wool is extremely warm and comforting, making it a strong contender for jumpers, cardigans, hats, scarves and other winter essentials.

Rowan Softyak DK is one of the best-known blends that makes use of cotton and nylon to produce a hardier yarn that’s also retained its signature softness. The Lhasa from Debbie Bliss is a more luxurious concoction that boasts an intriguing chainette construction and exceptional body.

Unless your yak wool has been heavily mixed with another, more durable material, you will need to take extra care when washing. Full care instructions can be found within each individual product description, so please click on your favourite yak wool for more information.