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Camel Wool

Yarn blends that include camel will bring a rough and ready texture to your favourite knits.

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There’s been a trend in recent years for using more unusual materials in the production of everyday yarns – and camel wool is one of the innovations to emerge from an industry that’s always looking to push creative boundaries.

It’s not commonly used amongst the knitting community… yet. But we have a feeling that as more and more hobbyists wake up to the unique feel of camel yarn, it’s going to fast become a sell-out product. Camel yarn is in fact made from camel hair and is extracted from either the outer protective layer of the camel’s coat (called the guard hair) or the undercoat. Camel wool is collected as and when the animal sheds its coat; the coarser and finer fibres are picked up together and then separated further along in the production process by combing them apart.

Camel yarn can be blended with other fibres to enhance its natural properties, but many brands are choosing to supply pure products. You can browse Deramores’ full range of camel wool here. As always, our yarn is available in a variety of colours to suit the demands of any DIY knitting project.